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Value-Centric, Action-driven, Passionate dedication, and Innovation excellence

Value-Centric, Action-driven, Passionate dedication, and Innovation excellence

Remuneration System

  • Salaries and Bonuses

    On top of competitive fixed salaries, traditional holiday bonuses, annual performance-based bonuses, patent awards, and other bonus systems; both regular and offered from time to time, and profit-sharing for all employees are also provided.

  • Holidays and Leaves

    On top of many legally required holidays, various leave systems more complete than provisions on the Labor Standards Act are also provided, such as flexible leave (Golden Week), volunteering leave, etc.

  • Employee Insurance

    Besides legally required labor and National Health Insurance, all employees can also enjoy group insurance, which covers life insurance, accident insurance, injury medical insurance, hospital medical insurance, and cancer medical insurance.

Benefit System

  • Healthcare Management

    Occupational doctors and nurses are regularly invited to provide health and medical consultancy and provide employee health checkups, and regular massage served by visually-impaired masseuse. Various health promotional activities are initiated, and a recreational area and nursing room have also been set up to maintain and care for employees' health.

  • Assorted Allowances / Reimbursements

    Set up staff restaurants, staff automobile/motorcycle parking lot, and appointed shops. Ground coffee and snacks are provided daily for free. Various allowances and reimbursements, including birthday, holiday bonuses, maternity, morbidity, in-hospitalization/wedding & funeral allowances are also provided.

  • Activities

    To enrich the lives of Raydium employees, group activities, including basketball, badminton, and Engineer's Day, are staged each year, as well as Family Day, irregular flash events, seminars, club activities, and various events.

Career Development

  • Education and Training

    We are focused on talent training and provide corresponding vocational training for employees. Management leadership training programs are provided for managers of each rank based on career development as well. Also, Raydium encourages employees to undertake self-initiated professional and technical learning.

  • Opportunities for Advancement

    We emphasize talent development and boast of a transparent and open internal environment for communication as well as a rotational job system. In addition, we provide advancement and promotion opportunities based on the organization's requirements. Moreover, we also provide a sound overseas expatriate system and job opportunities to work overseas.