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Safe and Healthy Work Environment

To provide a safe and healthy work environment to employees, the Company has established an Employee Safety and Health Management Committee, which meets in each quarter to discuss topics related to employee safety and health.
Besides regularly carrying out workplace environmental inspections, the Company also ensures its work environment is free from safety and health problems through external inspections from ISO 45001 and TOSHMS Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Safety and Health Training

Safety and health training programs and various risk controls have been implemented to effectively enhance the awareness of workplace safety and health risks in employees and suppliers.

  • 1.Seminars and advocacy courses are regularly conducted.
  • 2.A contingency plan has been established, and practice drills are regularly carried out, allowing employees to simulate conditions of disasters;
  • 3."Contractor Engineering Safety and Health Management Protocols" are announced before the completion of any engineering project in order to protect the physical and financial safety of contractors.

Quality Healthcare

To fulfill the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of caring for employees' well-being, the Company arranges for employees' health checkups each year in addition to promoting employees to get into habits of regular exercise. The following measures are also provided to employees according to the Occupational Health and Safty Act:

  • 1.The health consultation is provided to pregnant staff, and the nursing room has also been set up (Friendly Nursing Room certification has been received) for mothers.
  • 2.Scholars and experts are commissioned to analyze the possible ergonomic hazards in offices and laboratories, and investments are made to improve ergonomic hazards with higher risks.
  • 3.The health maintenance area is set up, providing employees with an environment to monitor their health status.

Open and Diverse Communication Channels

To provide transparent and open channels of communication and to build an equal and non-discriminatory workplace environment, the "President’s Mailbox," "Personal Data Grievances Mailbox," and "Sexual Harassment Grievance Mailbox" have been set up.
Also, the most rigorous personal data protection standards are stipulated, allowing employees to voice their problems immediately and to receive assistance.