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Drive IC
Power IC

Drive IC

Raydium offers a variety of Driver IC covering mainstream to high end TV applications. With the trend of larger screen sizes and higher resolution on TVs, Raydium’s advanced P2P high speed transmission technology fulfills the need for high bandwidth requirements as well as complexity reduction of systems. Raydium’s leading edge TV Driver IC supports 8K resolution TV with 120Hz refresh rate, maximizing the value together with customers in high end TV market.

  • Full series 8K / 4K UHD solutions
  • P2P high speed interface (iSP / USI-T / CHPI / EPI / CSPI)
  • 10 bit greyscale, support High-Dynamic-Range (HDR)
  • Integration of dynamic gamma
  • Ultra-low power consumption meets the green product requirements

Power IC

Raydium offers a variety of power IC for display. An excellent analog design experience allows our power IC to have highly efficient performance at low power consumption, low output ripple, precision output voltage, with outstanding load and line regulation and smart power system protection.

  • Pulse-Width Modulation IC (PWM)
  • Programmable gamma voltage IC (P-Gamma)
  • Level-shifter IC


Timing Controller (TCON) is the core in display panel. Raydium’s TCON equips with high speed transmission interface, color and image processing functions as well as low power consumption technology, providing various solutions from mainstream to high end TV. In addition to the standard TCON, we also offer customization on TCON design based on customer’s requirements.

  • HD / FHD / 4K / 8K solutions
  • V-by-One HS high speed input interface
  • P2P high speed interface (iSP / USI-T / CEDS / CHPI / EPI / CSPI)
  • Image processing functions (Over-drive / De-Mura / Line-OD / Super Resolution)