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About Raydium

Raydium Semiconductor Corporation is a leading integrated circuit (IC) design company in Taiwan, as well as the benchmark leader in advanced AMOLED display on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Raydium is one of the top 10 IC design company of Taiwan.

Raydium was founded in 2003, has been focusing on providing diverse and complete range of comprehensive display driver IC, touch control IC, power management, and timing controller IC (TCON) solutions. The product portfolio has diverse applications, including AIoT (artificial intelligence + Internet of Things), smart TV, professional gaming, computer information, mobile and wearable devices, automotive, and industrial control.

Founded on core semiconductor technology, Raydium has established a humanistic corporate culture and active talents aggregation. Raydium is committed to innovation, transformation, R&D advancement. We also pioneer the industry in undertaking strategic planning for emerging trends, technologies, and products. Raydium consistently conducts business execution with utmost integrity and open-mindedness, therefore gaining deepened trusts in further creating long-term values with all clients and end-customers.

Future Outlook

By seizing market trends and opportunities, capturing breakthroughs, and continuing to pursue innovation, Raydium aims to develop visionary products and to cultivate product value chain to provide customers with comprehensive, efficient, and high-quality solutions, which will help the Company to achieve synergies with customers to increase total value. Raydium expects to be the top notch leader in IC design with its operational excellence and innovation.