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Drive IC
Power IC
Touch-Laptops Solution
Touch-Wearable Solution
Touch-Mobile Phone Solution

Drive IC

Raydium has a rich experience on the development and manufacturing of Drive IC on IT product applications, particularly the application on high end laptops. Following the needs of low power consumption, narrow bezel, high speed transmission, high resolution, gaming and etc., solutions are provided by working closely with our global customers, which lead the product and technology trend.

  • Solutions to gaming applications (144 / 165 / 240 / 360 / 480Hz refresh rate)
  • P2P high speed interface (iSP / USI-T / CHPI / EPI / CSPI)
  • Solutions to ultra narrow bezel panel
  • 8 bit greyscale, support High-Dynamic-Range (HDR)
  • Integration of dynamic gamma
  • Ultra-low power consumption meets the green product requirements

Power IC

Raydium offers a variety of power IC for display. An excellent analog design experience allows our power IC to have highly efficient performance at low power consumption, low output ripple, precision output voltage, with outstanding load and line regulation and smart power system protection.

  • Pulse-Width Modulation IC (PWM)
  • LED backlight driver
  • Programmable gamma voltage IC (P-Gamma)
  • Level-shifter IC


Timing Controller (TCON) is the core in display panel. Raydium’s TCON equips with high speed transmission interface, color and image processing functions as well as low power consumption technology, providing various solutions for desktop and laptop computers. In addition to the standard TCON, we also offer customization on TCON design based on customer’s requirements.

  • HD / FHD / QHD / 4K solutions
  • eDP1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4b input interface, support PSR / PSR2
  • P2P high speed interface
  • Image processing functions (Over-driving / De-Mura / Color engine / CABC / Local dimming / HDR)
  • Supports Freesync / G-sync for gaming applications

Touch-Laptops Solution

Raydium has a rich experience on the design and manufacturing of touch control products. In addition to the certification from panel manufacturers, Microsoft and Google, a series of products have been applied in a number of laptops and receive excellent feedback from market.

  • Supports a variety of capacitive touch panel (On-Cell / On-cell Lite / OGS / GFF / OGM)
  • Certified by Microsoft and Google, support both Windows 8.1 / 10 and Chromebook operating systems
  • High signal to nose ratio and low power consumption
  • Supports active capacitive stylus

Touch-Wearable Solution

In 2017, Raydium launched Touch and Display Driver Integration IC (TDDI) supporting AMOLED panel on smart watch applications. Raydium’s TDDI technology is ahead of worldwide competitors while providing higher value to customers.

  • Touch and Display Integration IC (TDDI) for AMOLED
  • Supports various AMOLED panels (In-Cell / On-Cell)
  • High signal to nose ratio and low power consumption
  • Low scan rate control and standby mode

Touch-Mobile Phone Solution

In response to the demand for the application of slimmer flexible displays and bigger foldable monitors,Raydium Semiconductor Corporation offers control chips (SOC & TDDI) for projected capacitive touch screens such as Mobile that offer high signal-to-noise ratio and noise immunity.

  • Supports various AMOLED panels (On-Cell / TFE On-Cell / Foldable On-Cell)
  • Multi-touch / glove touch, pressure detection, waterproof / palm rejection, smart gesture wakeup, automatic multi-frequency hopping
  • High signal to noise ratio and low power consumption